Illegal gathering appeal issued

June 3, 2022

Police today appealed to the public not to take part in, advertise or publicise any unauthorised assemblies.


It noticed that some people have been spreading messages on the Internet inciting others to take part in unauthorised assemblies at Victoria Park and in Causeway Bay tomorrow. The Leisure & Cultural Services Department will close part of Victoria Park including the central lawn, football pitches and basketball courts from 11pm today.


The force reiterated that participating in an unauthorised assembly risks committing offences under the Public Order Ordinance and shall be liable to a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment.


Participating in public gatherings may also breach the Prevention & Control of Disease (Prohibition on Gathering) Regulation regarding prohibited group gatherings.


With the COVID-19 epidemic persisting, Police appeal to the public to refrain from participating in, advertising or publicising any unauthorised assemblies and prohibited gatherings, adding that group gatherings taking place during the ongoing pandemic also increase the risk of spreading the virus.


Police will deploy adequate manpower in relevant locations tomorrow and take resolute action to enforce the law, including arrests. The public should not defy the law.

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