Nearly 1k green jobs to be offered

May 20, 2022

The Environment Bureau said today it will create a total of nearly 1,000 green employment opportunities under the new round of the Green Employment Scheme this year.


The bureau launched the scheme for the third consecutive year to create or subsidise more than 600 environmental-related and time-limited jobs.


Such jobs cover mainly three categories of environmental protection work, namely Electric Vehicles Popularisation, Use Less, Waste Less and Leave No Trace at Mountain & Sea.


The full-time and part-time positions will last for six months to a year and are suitable for candidates with different skills and qualifications.


The recruitment of relevant positions will commence progressively soon.


The bureau will also relaunch the Graduates Subsidy Programme, which subsidises enterprises to employ about 300 graduates in environment-related fields.


The programme will provide employers of eligible graduates with a monthly subsidy of $5,610 to form part of the monthly salary paid to each eligible graduate for 18 months.


The Graduates Subsidy Programme 2022 will open for applications from July 4 to September 30.


Details will be available online in early July.

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