Non-local jab platform relaunched

May 19, 2022

The Government today announced that the online platform for the declaration of non-local vaccination records will be relaunched tomorrow.


The online platform provides an additional channel for declaring non-local vaccination records apart from boundary control points and designated post offices.


Considering that quite a number of people who arrived in Hong Kong, especially non-Hong Kong residents, hold non-local COVID-19 vaccination records, starting from September last year, the Government has put in place arrangements for these people to declare non-local vaccination records through boundary control points, designated post offices and online, enabling them to carry and present their non-local vaccination records in an electronic format.


In view of the latest vaccine pass arrangement, the Government has updated the online platform and made respective technical revisions.


For people who have declared non-local vaccination records and non-local recovery records since September last year at boundary control points or designated post offices, they are not required to make declarations again.


If they have been issued with vaccination record QR codes, they can use the vaccine pass directly. If they have subsequently received additional vaccines locally or have been infected and recovered locally, they may download the vaccination record QR codes again directly though the Electronic Vaccination & Testing Record System or the eHealth mobile app.


For people who only hold non-local vaccination records and without the need to declare any non-local recovery record, or hold both non-local and local vaccination records and without the need to declare any non-local recovery record, they can make declarations through the online platform.


If individuals have never declared their non-local recovery records at boundary control points but the status is required in order to comply with the vaccination requirements under the vaccine pass, or those recovered locally have yet to receive vaccines locally and only hold non-local vaccination records that have yet to be declared, they are required to make declarations through designated post offices.


To ensure that people have sufficient time to make declarations through these methods, a transitional arrangement has been provided under the vaccine pass.


People who have received COVID-19 vaccines from places outside Hong Kong may directly present their non-local vaccination records and complete the specified form in order to enter specified premises of the vaccine pass without the need to scan the vaccination record QR codes on or before August 31 this year.


The Government reminds persons-in-charge of premises to pay attention to the transitional arrangement.

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