More livelihood proposals underway

May 18, 2022

The Government, prior to the expiration of its current term, will strive to introduce to the Legislative Council proposals that seek to improve people's livelihood and promote economic development.


Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang made the statement when replying to questions from legislator Priscilla Leung in the council today.


He explained that since the commencement of the seventh-term LegCo on January 1, the Government has so far introduced 10 bills, including the two scheduled for first and second readings at today’s meeting.


The 10 bills include legislative proposals the Government introduced to step up the support to the public and businesses affected by the epidemic. Three of them have been scrutinised and passed by the council under efficient operation.


The current-term Government will also strive to introduce about 10 other bills which seek to improve people's livelihood and promote economic development before the end of its term on June 30, Mr Tsang stressed.


Such legislative proposals include the Residential Care Homes Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill and Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2022 that were set out in the 2021 Policy Address.


Mr Tsang said he believes the council will continue to complete scrutinising the bills in a serious, detailed and efficient manner for their early enactment so as to resolve some of the social, economic and livelihood issues for Hong Kong.


The Government is delighted that the seventh-term LegCo has been effectively fulfilling and observing the constitutional functions of the legislature under the Basic Law, thereby enabling the realisation of "restoring order from chaos, bringing prosperity by governing" in the city and ensuring the steadfast and successful implementation of "one country, two systems", he added.

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