HK is reopening: Edward Yau

May 18, 2022

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau said today he will bring Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) members the message that Hong Kong is heading towards reopening the city with maximum caution and protection.


Mr Yau made the remarks before departing for Bangkok to attend the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting.


The APEC meeting has been held online for the past two years and it resumes face-to-face meetings this year.


Mr Yau said: “I will be taking this opportunity to attend the meeting to join the discussion on how to achieve a more open, connected and also balanced economic region, with the view to enhancing freer trade and more liberalisation of trade.


“At the same time, I will be bringing to the APEC economies the message that Hong Kong is struggling hard, with certain success in overcoming the recent pandemic wave. We are heading towards reopening ourselves with maximum caution and protection, so this is part of our outreach efforts.”


In addition to attending the APEC meeting, Mr Yau will also host some events in Bangkok.


“We are mutually major trading partners and there is also quite a significant Hong Kong investment interest in Thailand and vice versa. I will be hosting an event and meeting with senior Thailand officials as well as the business leaders in Bangkok,” he added.

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