Govt committed to vaccine pass plan

May 17, 2022

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government will implement as planned the third stage of the vaccine pass arrangement on May 31, which requires citizens to get the third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before entering specified premises.


Chief Executive Carrie Lam made the remarks to the media ahead of today’s Executive Council meeting, saying that the three-dose requirement was announced well in advance to enable people to be prepared.


“Vaccination remains the most effective way to prevent serious illnesses arising from COVID-19 infections. If we could keep this vaccine pass requirement, then we would not be overburdening the Hong Kong public hospitals and that has always been one of the primary objectives of our anti-epidemic work in Hong Kong.


“So with that objective in mind, we will continue to implement what we have announced for a very long time. We are not suddenly requiring Hong Kong people to take their third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before they can enter restaurants, gyms or other venues. We have been telling people and announcing well in advance the three-dose requirement under the vaccine pass arrangement.


“I can confirm and reaffirm here that that remains our plan. So on May 31, people will have to have proof of having taken three doses before they can enter the premises - unless they have medical reasons or they are recovered COVID-19 patients, then there will be some special arrangements.”


Separately, the Government issued a reminder today appealing to members of the public to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in accordance with the specified requirements under the third stage of the vaccine pass.

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