Judicial conduct guide updated

May 16, 2022

The Judiciary today published the 2022 Guide to Judicial Conduct, an update to the 2004 edition.


In the years since the judicial conduct guide was first published in 2004, the topic of judicial conduct has seen much discussion and development.


Given the increasingly complex conditions in which judging takes place and the increased public interest in the work of judges and judicial officers (JJOs), the Judiciary considers it an appropriate time to review and update the guide.


It has been revised to take into account the impact of the advancement in information technology, particularly the use of social media in daily life.


The guidance on recusal and apparent bias has also been updated with reference to recent case law in this area.


General principles on handling cases involving public controversies, as well as guidance on behaviour in court and making comments on parties and other people when performing judicial functions are also included.


Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal Andrew Cheung said: "I am confident that this new edition of the guide will continue to provide useful guidance to JJOs in maintaining the highest standards of judicial conduct and enable the public to better understand our judicial work and the uncompromised standards we set for ourselves."

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