Jobless relief to be disbursed

May 13, 2022

Vetting of the fourth batch of applications under the Temporary Unemployment Relief Scheme has been completed and subsidies will be disbursed to about 68,000 successful applicants.


Among the successful applicants, about 29,000 have accounts under the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes and about 39,000 of them do not have MPF accounts.


They will receive notifications via SMS messages or emails in turn.


So far, the Government has vetted about 400,000 applications, or about 85% of the total number of applications.


More than 70,000 of the vetted applicants were required by the Government-appointed agent to submit additional information.


The Government is processing the remaining applications and aims to disburse subsidies to all eligible applicants within the month.


It will strive to announce the next batch of successful applicants by next week.


Applicants may log into the scheme's dedicated website to check the application status.

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