Reminder issued to CE poll voters

May 7, 2022

Electoral Affairs Commission Chairman Barnabas Fung today reminded Election Committee (EC) members to bring along their Hong Kong identity card and name badge in order to cast their votes in the 2022 Chief Executive Election tomorrow.


Mr Fung inspected the main polling station and central counting station at the Convention & Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai this morning and noted that the arrangements at the stations are ready.


He also pointed out that a number of anti-epidemic measures will be implemented at the centre.


“Inside the main polling station, we have fever detection equipment and if someone is detected to have a high temperature, they will be asked to use a special passage to access the special polling booth.


“The special access is separate from the bulk of the other EC members and the special polling booth will be isolated in a remote area. It will be cleansed and disinfected after each time of use.”


Due to the increase in the number of EC members as well as the anti-epidemic and social distancing requirements, there will be no less than 70 ballot paper issuing desks and about 100 voting compartments in the main polling station.


The distance between the facilities in the polling station will also be widened as far as possible.


The polling hours for the election will be from 9am to 11.30am. A suggested voting time slot was assigned to the EC members according to the five EC sectors to which they belong.


Mr Fung said: “We have recommended a time slot for the EC members coming in. There are five sectors and we have two and half hours of polling time. So we have separated them into five time slots.


“Of course, this is a recommendation because the electoral laws only stipulate one polling time for all EC members. So we recommend that they come and vote in accordance with the suggested polling time slot.”


The Electronic Poll Register system will be used for issuing ballot papers. EC members only need to present the original of their Hong Kong identity card or other specified alternative documents to the polling staff for collecting ballot papers.


As there is only one validly nominated candidate in the election, each EC member may cast either a "support" or a "not support" vote.


The candidate shall be returned at the election if the number of valid "support" votes obtained exceeds 750.


Noting that the next Chief Executive shall be elected by nearly 1,500 EC members by secret ballot on a one-person, one-vote basis, Mr Fung emphasised that the commission attaches great importance to voting secrecy and the ballot will be conducted in a confidential manner.


Apart from the main polling station, another station has been set up at the Penny's Bay Community Isolation Facility for EC members subject to isolation or quarantine measures on polling day. The polling hours will be from 9am to 10.30am.


The ballot papers will be disinfected and then delivered to the central counting station.


As at 10am today, four EC members have registered for voting at the Penny's Bay polling station, Mr Fung reported.

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