Temp vaccine pass for arrivals set

May 4, 2022

The Government today announced that inbound travellers arriving on and after May 1 will be issued with a provisional vaccine pass so as to facilitate those who will stay temporarily in Hong Kong to enter specified premises under the vaccine pass arrangement.


Currently, all inbound travellers who have stayed in overseas places in the past 14 days are required to be fully vaccinated, generally referring to the completion of two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, and hold a recognised vaccination record before they board a flight for Hong Kong.


As these travellers may not be able to receive the third dose of a vaccine in relevant places for fulfilling the requirements under stage three of the vaccine pass which will be effective from May 31, a provisional vaccine pass will be issued to them so that they can enter specified premises under the vaccine pass during their stay in Hong Kong.


Starting from May 5, inbound travellers who are subject to compulsory quarantine will be given the provisional vaccine pass for local use in addition to a compulsory quarantine order at boundary control points upon arrival.


For those who arrived in the city before May 5, they may visit the 18 designated post offices after completing compulsory quarantine and fill in a declaration form, present their original identity document and quarantine order to obtain the provisional vaccine pass.


Inbound travellers, who arrived from the Mainland or Macau on or after May 1 and are not required to undergo compulsory quarantine, including people who enter Hong Kong through the Return2hk and Come2hk schemes, may get the provisional vaccine pass by declaring their arrival record at the 18 designated post offices from May 5.


The provisional vaccine pass is valid within 180 days from the arrival date.


People are reminded to receive the required dosage of a vaccine locally during the validity period of the provisional vaccine pass in order to continue to comply with the vaccine pass requirements after the provisional one expires.


Separately, people who have recovered from COVID-19 in places outside Hong Kong may obtain a non-local vaccination record QR code incorporating their recovery status by declaring their non-local recovery record upon entry into Hong Kong from May 5.


For those who are already in Hong Kong, they may declare their non-local recovery record at the 18 designated post offices starting from the same day and will be issued with a recovery record QR code upon successful declaration.


The recovery record QR code is valid within 180 days from the date of recovery. During the period, non-locally recovered people may present the QR code as a substitute for the vaccination record to enter specified premises subject to the vaccine pass arrangement.

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