More quarantine hotels added

April 12, 2022

The Government today said it will further increase the supply of designated quarantine hotels (DQHs) to meet the demand of Hong Kong residents returning from overseas and foreign domestic helpers.


Royal Pacific Hotel, The Kowloon Hotel and Cordis, Hong Kong, which were earlier reserved as community isolation facilities, will be converted to DQHs, adding around 2,000 rooms to the current supply.


These three DQHs will start service from April 14 and gradually start to accept room bookings.


From May 1, four hotels which are currently reserved for foreign domestic helpers to undergo quarantine will also accept other Hong Kong residents returning from places other than the Mainland and Macau for undergoing quarantine. 


They are Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin, iclub Ma Tau Wai Hotel, O’Hotel and Rambler Garden Hotel, which will provide about 1,600 rooms in total.


Helpers who have already made a reservation at these four hotels will not be affected. Hong Kong residents can reserve a room through the online booking system starting from 10am on April 19.


There will be 45 DQHs providing over 14,000 rooms in total for selection from May 1.


All DQHs had submitted their price information to the Government before joining the Designated Quarantine Hotel Scheme.


The Government said hotels under the current cycle of the scheme which ends on July 31, have not applied for any adjustment to their prices.

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