Govt ensures coffin supply

March 18, 2022

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department said that around 330 coffins were delivered to Hong Kong by sea and land today following the co-ordination of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government with Mainland authorities.


Together, the two places focused on the quota of the cross-boundary goods vehicle trips and sea freight arrangements for the supply of coffins to Hong Kong.


The department noted that local suppliers have experienced difficulties in getting coffins from the Mainland recently due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation on both sides.


After the co-ordination efforts of the department and the Food & Health Bureau, over 1,200 coffins have been delivered to Hong Kong smoothly via land and sea in the past five days, including those which arrived today.


It is expected that about 500 more coffins will be transported to the city in the next two days.


The department expressed its gratitude to the Mainland for its help, adding that it will maintain close liaison with the trade in providing all practical assistance when necessary.


Meanwhile, in view of the public's pressing need for cremation services, all crematoria under the department will continue to provide such services during the Ching Ming Festival on April 5.


The department pointed out that the daily cremation sessions available for bookings have been significantly increased from 130 to 140 to the current 260 to 300. There are still sufficient cremation sessions left for reservations.


It has also deployed more manpower to ensure that all the booked cremation services can be handled within the same working day.


Moreover, it will continue to co-ordinate with relevant government departments and public organisations with a view to assisting the funeral business sectors and bereaved families to handle after-death arrangements for the deceased as early as possible.

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