Lockdown rumours dismissed

February 28, 2022

The Legislative Council and its committees have not held any talks on the issue of imposing a lockdown that would prohibit the public from leaving their homes for seven days.


The LegCo Secretariat issued the statement today and explained that it is aware of various recorded and text messages, being widely spread in the society, claiming that LegCo is undergoing legislative work and counting votes for imposing such a lockdown.


It clarified that LegCo and its committees have not conducted any discussion on the matter and reiterated that all LegCo meetings are open, transparent and broadcast live.


The LegCo Secretariat also called on the public to take note of information released by it, noting that the agenda of all open meetings can be obtained from the LegCo website.


The meetings are also live streamed on LegCo’s YouTube channel, it added.

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