No plans for HK lockdown: CE

February 15, 2022

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today made it clear that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has no plans for a citywide lockdown.


Meeting the media ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning, she said governments in various parts of the world have carried out lockdowns in different ways to curb COVID-19, but Hong Kong is finding its own way out of the epidemic.


“So far, our measures to contain the spread of the disease remains a legitimate and valid one.


“The problem we are facing is that, given the magnitude, the pace and the severity of this fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong, it has outgrown our capacity. So the immediate response of the Hong Kong SAR Government, now with the support of the Central People’s Government, is to enhance the capacity in various parts of this anti-epidemic effort. And we are doing this.”


District-based restrictions ie restriction-testing declarations have been successfully adopted for many months, Mrs Lam noted.


“Since the latest wave from the end of December last year, the Government has already conducted over 100 such operations.


“These operations have proven to be effective, in terms of identifying a large number of infected cases.”

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