Home quarantine scheme launched

February 8, 2022

The StayHomeSafe Scheme was launched today, under which COVID-19 patients' close contacts and household members of those close contacts who are deemed appropriate after assessment will be arranged to undergo home quarantine for 14 days and four days respectively.


The Centre for Health Protection explained that factors including the suitability of each individual's dwelling place for quarantine, the risk level of those confining at the same place and their physical condition will be taken into consideration during the assessment.


Those who need to undergo home quarantine must stay in their dwelling place and wear an electronic wristband throughout the quarantine period.


They should also regularly monitor their physical conditions, including checking their body temperature twice daily and conducting regular virus tests on their own on specified dates.


As at noon, the centre has issued home quarantine orders to 38 people, involving 17 households. Half of them are COVID-19 patients' close contacts, while the other half are household members of those close contacts.


The public is encouraged to offer support and provide supplies to their relatives or friends subject to home quarantine.


Property management companies are also urged to help deliver items to residents under home quarantine. The centre has drawn up infection control guidelines for such companies to follow to avoid transmitting the virus.

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