Espionage concerns addressed

January 26, 2022

Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung said the Security Bureau is actively studying with the Department of Justice ways to enhance the Official Secrets Ordinance in the context of legislation under Basic Law Article 23.


While answering lawmakers’ questions today, Mr Tang explained that although the law enforcement agencies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are committed to combating acts and offences of an espionage nature, the relevant local legislation was enacted many years ago and cannot fully address the criminal acts of espionage and theft of state secrets at present.


He stressed that the Government’s long-standing position is to combat espionage activities endangering national security in the city in accordance with the law.


Specifically, given that these spies and their agents are all backed by rivals of a national level, actions must be taken to minimise the risks which they may bring about, he noted.


Mr Tang made it clear that the Government seeks to commence consultation before the end of the current-term Government and table the bill to the Legislative Council for scrutiny in the second half of this year.


He added that he hopes lawmakers will support the legislative proposals, including those related to espionage offences, so as to better safeguard national security.

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