Waste-to-energy facility studies set

January 25, 2022

The Environmental Protection Department announced today that it will start planning studies on developing new waste-to-energy (WtE) facilities. 


Hong Kong has set out to move away from its reliance on landfills for municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal by around 2035 and to achieve carbon neutrality in waste management before 2050.


To achieve this goal, the Government is not only committed to promoting waste reduction at source and recycling but also developing sufficient WtE facilities.


I·PARK1, being built near Shek Kwu Chau, will be the first WtE facility that adopts advanced incineration technology to treat MSW in the city.


It is targeted for commissioning in 2025 with a treatment capacity of 3,000 tonnes of MSW daily.


To keep abreast of the times, Hong Kong needs to build more WtE facilities in order to transform all unavoidable and non-recyclable waste into resources and boost the portion of electricity generation from WtE sources.


When planning for the I·PARK1 development, the department carried out an in-depth study on the middle ash lagoon at Tsang Tsui in Tuen Mun as one of the potential sites under consideration.


The department will start a fresh round of Environmental Impact Assessment and technical studies for the Tsang Tsui site in the first half of this year.


In parallel, it plans to start a comprehensive site search study to identify other potential sites suitable for developing similar WtE facilities across the city.


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