Social distancing helps curb virus

January 23, 2022

(To watch the full press briefing with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan urges citizens to observe social distancing with a view to combating COVID-19.


At a press briefing this afternoon, she said: “Obviously, we are now in the middle of a community outbreak in Kwai Chung Estate, especially some of the selected buildings.


“We are now advising everyone that it is better not to go out and we want to vastly reduce the infections.


“Because in addition to the Kwai Chung Estate outbreak, there are still unlinked cases in the community.”


From sewage surveillance, positive samples have been found, she added.


“We are actually trying our very best to look into all these different areas and try to control the epidemic as far as possible.”


She noted it is now too early to determine whether the Government’s social distancing rules should be relaxed or further tightened.


“Obviously, we do not want more people to go out and we actually want to reduce the people flow.


“We will continue to observe and also monitor the situation. But right now, the focus is more on controlling the community outbreak and also cutting the community transmission chains.”

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