Govt condemns intimidation

January 20, 2022

The Government today strongly condemned those who sent intimidating messages to members of its anti-epidemic expert advisory group.


A pet shop worker had earlier been confirmed infected with COVID-19 and the samples collected from the hamsters at the pet shop and environmental swabs collected from its warehouse in Tai Po tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.


The Government then humanely dispatched the animals concerned to minimise the potential risks of virus transmission in Hong Kong as soon as possible.


Some expert advisory group members received intimidating messages after they explained the situation to the public.


The Chief Executive's Office issued a statement today, saying that the decision and the Government’s operation were based on scientific principles and Hong Kong's actual circumstances to safeguard public safety.


It explained that Hong Kong is now facing a challenging epidemic situation, with the imminent threat of both the Delta and Omicron mutant strains spreading in the community, adding that it is of paramount importance to take decisive action to prevent the virus from further spreading in the community.


Regarding the intimidating remarks made against the experts by a minority of people, the Government strongly condemned such an irrational attitude adopted towards the anti-epidemic effort and called on all sectors of society to unite to fight the epidemic.


The office emphasised that Hong Kong is a society that observes the rule of law and it will not tolerate such illegal acts as violence and intimidation.


The Government said it is extremely grateful for the advisory group's contributions and if anyone attempts to influence the experts' words and efforts by illegal means, it will not tolerate such acts and will take stringent follow-up action.


Over the past two years, the group's members have been providing the Government with professional advice in such areas as public health, epidemiology and clinical experience with science and theories as the basis amid the fight against the virus.

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