No objection to children's jabs

January 17, 2022

The scientific committees under the Centre for Health Protection have no objection to allowing the use of the Sinovac vaccine and one-third of the BioNTech dose used for adults in children aged five to 11.


The Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases and the Scientific Committee on Emerging & Zoonotic Diseases, joined by the Chief Executive's expert advisory panel today published the updated consensus interim recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in children.


The experts believe that while both vaccines are expected to lower the risk of severe disease and death, the BioNTech one may provide additional protection against Omicron infection, adding that both vaccines should be rolled out at the same time to provide a real choice.


The dosing interval recommendation between the two doses of Sinovac was 28 days and for the fractional dose of BioNTech it was at least 12 weeks apart.


Children are also recommended to receive the BioNTech jab intramuscularly at the anterolateral aspect of the mid-thigh, although their preference for an upper arm injection would be respected.


The experts also highlighted the urgency of inoculating adults aged 60 or above, particularly those in residential care homes for the elderly, and that they should take priority over children's jabs in the five to 11 age group.


Click here for details of the recommendations.

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