10 more recycling stores set

January 17, 2022

The Environmental Protection Department today announced that a new batch of 10 recycling stores under its community recycling network GREEN@COMMUNITY will start operation gradually in the first half of this year.


Under GREEN@COMMUNITY there are currently 11 recycling stations, 22 recycling stores and more than 100 recycling spots that operate weekly as mobile recycling points at fixed locations and times across the city. The network receives at least eight types of recyclables and runs the GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme.


Scheme members can choose to use their smart card or the mobile app to earn reward points to redeem gifts when dropping off their recyclables at the recycling stations, recycling stores and recycling spots.


Two new recycling stations, GREEN@WAN CHAI and GREEN@SAI KUNG, began service in phases by the end of last year. The architectural design of GREEN@WAN CHAI has won two awards - the merit award in the Architectural Services Department Annual Award 2021 and Good Design Award 2021 in Japan.


The Environmental Protection Department's Green Outreach has also conducted outreach work to educate the public on source separation of waste and clean recycling to prepare them for the implementation of municipal solid waste charging.

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