Flexible work arrangements urged

January 13, 2022

In light of the latest COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Government today appealed to employers to make flexible work arrangements for employees in accordance with their operational needs and consider allowing them to work from home where practicable.


Employers are also urged to be compassionate and show understanding to employees who encounter practical difficulties arising from the epidemic situation and be accommodating to them as far as possible.


For employees who need to take care of schoolchildren and toddlers at home during the suspension of face-to-face classes of primary schools, kindergartens and child care centres, employers are advised to adopt a more lenient and flexible approach in dealing with their leave applications or consider arranging for such staff to work from home where circumstances permit.


The Government also encourages employers to maintain good communication on work arrangements with employees who are subject to compulsory quarantine or testing requirements, including granting them paid leave or allowing them to work from locations other than workplaces if practicable.

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