Young pupil classes to be suspended

January 11, 2022

Primary schools, kindergartens and kindergarten/child care centres should suspend face-to-face classes and on-campus activities by this Friday until their Lunar New Year holidays end, the Education Bureau announced today.


Corresponding class levels at tutorial schools should be suspended until February 7.


Meanwhile, the current arrangements for face-to-face classes for secondary schools will continue.


Explaining the decision in a press statement today, the bureau said: “The COVID-19 Omicron variant has high infectivity and is posing a serious threat.


“There have been confirmed cases of young children infected by family members in these few days. Teachers and peers who have had close contact with the infected children have to be put under quarantine.”


During suspension, the schools are advised to remain open to look after students who do not have carers to take care of them at home, and to arrange staff to be on duty to handle school matters and parents’ enquiries. To sustain learning at home, the schools are encouraged to flexibly deploy learning modes.


“Schools should remind parents to follow anti-epidemic precautionary measures and pay close attention to the health conditions of their children. Parents should avoid taking their children to crowded places with poor ventilation.”


The educational institutions should also maintain communication with parents and pupils to show care for the children's learning and emotional needs.


At the same time, students should maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take adequate rest to strengthen their immunity.


The bureau will issue a letter to schools detailing the arrangements.


“We hope that we can effectively control the epidemic with decisive measures at this critical moment, and that students can return to school with peace of mind as soon as possible,” it added.

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