Immigration chief apologises to HK

January 7, 2022

Director of Immigration Au Ka-wang apologised to all Hong Kong people for attending a private banquet on January 3.


In a statement issued today, he explained that he visited a restaurant in Wan Chai for a short time in the evening of January 3 and left immediately after congratulating his friend without having a sit-down meal.


He stressed that this is currently a time for the whole community to fight the virus together. All government departments and members of the public are working together to fight the epidemic, riding out difficult times.


He said: “Regarding the additional burden to the epidemic prevention work and the disturbance to the public as a result of my personal behaviour, I offer my sincere apology to all people of Hong Kong.


“I have reflected on this incident and shall be more vigilant in the future.”


Mr Au added that he will be sure to fully co-operate with the arrangements made by the Centre for Health Protection and undergo quarantine at the Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre.

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