Cargo crew quarantine enhanced

December 31, 2021

To safeguard public health, the Government today announced its decision to further tighten quarantine arrangements for locally based cargo aircrew.


From January 1, 2022, all locally based air cargo crew who have laid over at overseas places or Taiwan and are currently subject to self-isolation in designated quarantine hotels (DQHs) for three days will be required to stay in DQHs until they have obtained negative results from the nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 taken on the seventh day following their return to Hong Kong.


After leaving DQHs, the crew will still be subject to multiple virus tests during their medical surveillance period for the purpose of monitoring their health conditions on a continued basis, the Government added.


Regarding the COVID-19 cases involving locally based air crew, the Government said the airline concerned is conducting a holistic and in-depth investigation and will submit detailed reports as soon as possible.


It also expressed deep regret over non-compliance by individual air crew members and has directed the airline to follow up on the matter seriously. The airline has been urged to take effective measures to ensure its crew strictly abide by anti-epidemic requirements to prevent recurrence.


The Government pointed out that those who contravene the conditions in the Notification of Medical Surveillance may violate the Prevention & Control of Disease Regulation. If illegal acts are identified, such cases will be reviewed seriously and pursued in accordance with the law.


As a contingency plan, the Government explained that it will approve and support the operation of more chartered cargo flights.


It also urged local airlines to enhance their management of closed-loop operation and implement measures to alleviate disruptions on capacity in order to minimise the impact on Hong Kong.

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