CE briefs state leaders

December 22, 2021

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today briefed President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s latest economic, social and political situation.


Meeting Mrs Lam this morning, Premier Li gave credit to the Chief Executive’s efforts in leading the city, as well as the Hong Kong SAR Government’s work in containing the COVID-19 epidemic and facilitating economic recovery. Mrs Lam said she was very grateful for the premier’s recognition of the Hong Kong SAR's work.


The Chief Executive then briefed President Xi on the progress made by the city in various aspects over the past year.


Fully acknowledging the Hong Kong SAR Government’s work, President Xi noted Hong Kong’s improved electoral system upholds “one country, two systems” while fitting the city’s actual circumstances.


The successful completion of the 2021 Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections and the 2021 Legislative Council General Election were crucial steps for Hong Kong to achieve democratic development, he added.


Thanking the president for recognising the Hong Kong SAR Government’s work, Mrs Lam described 2021 as an extraordinary year in which Hong Kong fully implements “one country, two systems”.


In the evening, the Chief Executive met reporters in the capital and said she was glad to make her duty report to the state leaders in person.


Citizens’ anticipation of resuming quarantine-free travel with the Mainland had been relayed to the state leaders, and the Hong Kong SAR Government will keep up its efforts to expedite the resumption of travel, she noted.


Hong Kong will continue to integrate into national development, Mrs Lam added.

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