Mobile jab station in service

December 3, 2021

The Government launched the COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Station in Sun Chui Estate, Sha Tin today, with a total of 486 people vaccinated there.


Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip officiated at the kick-off ceremony and inspected the station's operations this morning.


Mr Nip said the station enables members of the public, particularly the elderly, to receive their vaccination in a convenient manner.


He appealed to the public to get vaccinated as early as possible in order to raise the city's vaccination rate, thereby creating conditions for resuming travel with the Mainland and even overseas places.


The mobile station operates from 10am to 5pm. The procedures of getting a jab in the vaccination vehicle are the same as in community vaccination centres.


Temporary waiting and resting areas are set up at open spaces next to the vaccination vehicle and free medical consultation services will be available to people who are planning to get vaccinated on the spot.


In the vehicle, there are three vaccination booths, a dilution area and a medical grade refrigerator to store the vaccines.


Apart from the installation of an air purification system, the vehicle is also coated with a photocatalyst which has antivirus and antibacterial effects.


There is also a lifting platform at the rear of the vehicle which assists wheelchair users and elderly people with mobility difficulties to reach the injection booth directly.


The vaccination vehicle is operated by a medical group. Its executive director and chief operating officer Edward Poon noted that around 300 doses can be provided for people within the seven-hour operation period each day.


He said: "In case of a surge of demand on the vaccination day, we could deploy additional manpower resources and tents on site to cater to the needs.


"Also, additional vaccines could be transferred from a community vaccination centre to the site by a designated vehicle."


Mr Poon added that the time constraint of converting a vehicle into a vaccination station was the greatest challenge.


"In normal circumstances, such vehicle could only be deployed in around six months' time.


"We did a lot and special thanks to the co-ordination from different government units, we could make it happen in three months."


The mobile station will provide the BioNTech vaccination service in four public housing estates on specified dates in December and January.


Eligible people may call 5193 0375 for advance bookings or walk in to get their jab.

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