Professional services fund opens

December 1, 2021

The Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme is inviting a new round of applications from non-profit-distributing organisations.


These organisations include professional bodies, trade and industrial organisations as well as research institutes.


With a total allocation of $200 million, the scheme aims at funding non-profit-making industry-led projects to increase exchanges and co-operation between Hong Kong's professional services and external counterparts, promote relevant publicity activities, and enhance the standards and external competitiveness.


A wide range of professional services, such as accounting, legal and dispute resolution, architecture, engineering, healthcare, information and communications technology, design as well as technical testing and analysis, are eligible for the scheme.


The maximum grant for each approved project is $3 million or 90% of the total eligible project cost, whichever is lower.


As of the end of November, about 80 projects had been funded under the scheme, including activities in and outside the city.


The scheme receives applications all year round and they are processed on a quarterly basis. The deadline for this new round of applications is February 28 next year.


A briefing session will be held this month for organisations interested in applying for the funding. For registration or other enquiries, call 3655 5418 or send an email.

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