Social distancing rules maintained

October 12, 2021

The Government today announced it will maintain most of the social distancing measures in place for 14 days until October 27.


Meanwhile, the maximum number of participants allowed in each sub-group of training groups or classes in fitness centres will be relaxed to 12.


The relaxation is on the condition that all staff members have completed a vaccination course and all participants are wearing masks.


However, customers will be allowed to exercise without wearing a mask if all staff members and users have completed a vaccination course.


The fitness centres should also meet the ventilation standards and other requirements.


Noting that the internationally prevalent mutant strains have high transmissibility and a handful of local cases may still emerge despite the extremely stringent measures to prevent case importation, the Food & Health Bureau said most of the social distancing measures currently in place need to stay to prevent an epidemic outbreak in the community.


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