Govt support for low income tenants

October 8, 2021

(To watch the full press conference with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan today said the Government is very concerned about citizens living in subdivided units and has taken measures to relieve the situation.


Elaborating on the initiatives outlined in the 2021 Policy Address at a press conference, Mr Chan said the Government has put forward a bill to the Legislative Council to implement tenancy control on subdivided units.


He said: “With that we are offering these subdivided unit residents the kind of support to limit the rent increase when they have gone through the first regulated tenancy to the second regulated tenancy.


“These residents at the subdivided units are entitled to a renewal of tenancy for another two years to ensure that they have an adequate span of time of housing or accommodation.”


Cash subsidies and transitional housing are available for those waiting for public rental housing but who are not receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, he added.


“We are building more transitional housing units so that for those who are living in subdivided units, they have a chance to move into transitional housing and then move over to public rental housing.”


Mr Chan also emphasised that the Government would provide the tenants with every support possible.

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