Elderly urged to get jabs

September 29, 2021

Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip today urged elderly people to get COVID-19 jabs as soon as possible, as the vaccination stations set up by the Government in three public hospitals started operation.


He made the remarks to reporters after visiting the Queen Mary Hospital COVID-19 vaccination station this morning.


Another two vaccination stations are located in Queen Elizabeth and Tuen Mun hospitals.


Patients visiting these hospitals for follow-up appointments and visitors, in particular patients of specialist out-patient clinics, can receive the BioNTech vaccination without prior booking when they have their follow-up medical consultation.


Mr Nip said the Government is striving to boost the inoculation rate of the seniors who need to be protected against COVID-19 the most.


“For vaccination stations at hospitals, the intention of course is to facilitate those patients who need to have a consultation at hospitals, so that while they are at hospitals waiting for medical consultations or waiting for drugs that they would take the opportunity, on-site at the hospital compound (to) get the jab. So I would expect those who are coming to hospitals will receive the jab.


“We hoped that we would explore every possible channel and I am sure that every channel counts. And it is important to facilitate the elderly to get the jabs.”

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