Govt strives to boost vaccination rate

September 9, 2021

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip today said the Government will place extra focus on promoting COVID-19 vaccination in the community, especially among the elderly, in order to boost the vaccination rate.


Mr Nip told the media this afternoon that the vaccination rate of people aged 70 or above is about 27%, much lower than that of other age groups.


He said the Government will organise more COVID-19 vaccination health talks for senior citizens to help ease their concerns and arrange flexible and convenient vaccination services for them.


“Many of the elderly people that I have come across actually want to get vaccinated, but they have some concerns, especially as many of them may have chronic illnesses and all that.


“So what they need is some sort of clear explanation from a doctor's consultation and assurance from doctors and nurses. So that is what we will focus on.


“The second area that we will focus on is the convenience of vaccination.


“We will make the necessary arrangements to facilitate their vaccination, including arranging for the outreach team to go to where they live or close to where they live, or popular places like shopping malls and public housing estates.”


Mr Nip added that the outreach vaccination team will also continue to provide services for those staying in elderly centres.

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