Jab tickets for more target groups

September 7, 2021

The Government today announced that its same-day ticket arrangement for COVID-19 vaccination will be expanded to cover people of five target groups from September 9.


The target groups include staff of residential care homes for the elderly, residential care homes for persons with disabilities and nursing homes; staff of medical organisations; staff of schools, school bus drivers and escorts, or nannies; staff of catering business and bars, or pubs; and construction site personnel.


The same-day tickets will be distributed daily from 7.45am on a first come, first served basis at 21 community vaccination centres (CVCs). People of these target groups can receive COVID-19 jabs at a designated timeslot on the day of ticket distribution.


They can present their Hong Kong identity card and declare the target group they belong to for getting a same-day ticket at the CVCs. They can also authorise their family members to collect a ticket on their behalf by presenting a copy of the authoriser's identity card and declaring the target group the authoriser belongs to.


The schedule for receiving the second dose will be provided when the eligible person gets the first jab.


The Government said the same-day ticket arrangement has been operating smoothly since its launch in July. After evaluating the actual situation, it decided to extend the arrangement to cover the target groups so as to further raise the vaccination rate of these groups.


The arrangement will continue to be applicable to people aged 60 or above and students aged 12 or above, it added.


About 4,100 same-day tickets will be given out daily at the 21 CVCs.


Due to the limited capacity of the venues, the CVCs, except those run by private hospitals, will each distribute 200 tickets per day, while the one at Tung Chung Community Hall will distribute 100 tickets per day.

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