Rule for vaccinated returnees set

August 30, 2021

From September 1, Hong Kong residents holding vaccination records issued by the relevant authorities of places such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Turkey can board a flight for Hong Kong from high-risk Group A specified places.


Announcing the decision today, the Government noted Hong Kong residents can undergo compulsory quarantine in regular designated quarantine hotels upon return.


Foreign domestic helpers must undergo a 21-day quarantine in a designated quarantine facility specified by the Government.


The Government added that it will accept vaccination records recognised under the European Union Digital COVID Certificate mechanism as recognised vaccination records required for the purpose of boarding flights for Hong Kong from Group A specified places.


The EU has recently announced the recognition of the vaccination records issued by North Macedonia, San Marino, Turkey, Ukraine and Vatican City as being equivalent to vaccination records issued by EU member states.


The Government will therefore also accept the vaccination records issued by the above places as recognised vaccination records from September 1.


Hong Kong residents who have stayed in Group A specified places can board a flight for the city if they have been fully vaccinated, hold a recognised vaccination record and fulfil other boarding requirements.


They have to undergo 21-day compulsory quarantine in a designated hotel upon return and receive six tests during the quarantine period. They also have to do self-monitoring in seven days afterwards and undergo compulsory testing in a community testing centre on the 26th day of the arrival.


Click here for the places that are accepted for issuing recognised vaccination records.

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