Airport serology antibody test shelved

August 18, 2021

The Government today announced that the existing arrangement of shortening the compulsory quarantine period of people returning to Hong Kong upon presentation of a recognised positive serology antibody test result will be suspended from August 20.


Additionally, it stated that the second-phase arrangement of providing self-paid serology antibody testing service at the airport for people arriving in the city will not be implemented as planned.


Addressing media enquiries, the Food & Health Bureau explained that the Government announced yesterday that the quarantine requirements for people arriving in Hong Kong from overseas places will be tightened from August 20.


The bureau noted that for fully vaccinated travellers who had stayed in medium-risk places, their compulsory quarantine periods could only be shortened to 14 days upon presentation of recognised vaccination records.


It emphasised that their quarantine periods can no longer be further reduced subject to a positive serology antibody test result.


The decision was made in view of the developments of the global COVID-19 epidemic situation and the latest expert recommendations.


Currently, people who take a self-paid serology antibody test at recognised private medical laboratories before departure from Hong Kong can have their subsequent compulsory quarantine period shortened on presentation of a recognised positive serology antibody test result.


This arrangement will be shelved from August 20 and the second-phase arrangement, originally planned to roll out today, will not be implemented, the bureau said.

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