Testing requirement to be tightened

August 13, 2021

The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department today called on catering business operators to get well prepared for the fifth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic.


The department explained that Staff of Type B catering premises must obtain SMS notifications containing their negative test results before August 26 and before the end of every subsequent seven-day period before they are allowed to work in the premises.


The tightened testing requirement will come into effect on August 19 and staff who have completed a vaccination course will be deemed to have complied with such requirements and will not have to undergo regular testing.


The Government stated earlier that in the face of the challenges posed by mutant strains, the fifth wave of the epidemic may break out in Hong Kong anytime.


Taking into account the risks of the virus spreading in catering premises, and especially the fact that customers do not put on masks most of the time, testing requirements for Type B catering premises must be tightened.


Under the vaccine bubble principle, only staff and customers of Type D premises have to be vaccinated in accordance with the requirements.


If the fifth wave of the epidemic breaks out and there is a need to tighten the restrictions on dine-in services to stop the virus from spreading in the community, it is probable that only Type D premises will be allowed to provide dine-in services in the evening.


The Government therefore appeals to the operators of catering businesses under Type A, B and C modes of operation to encourage all their staff to receive vaccinations so that their premises can switch to Type D operation mode in a timely manner.

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