Curriculum change supported

July 26, 2021

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung today welcomed the Baptist University’s move to incorporate national security education in their curriculum, saying it is the educators’ duty to promote national security education.


Making the remarks today, Mr Yeung said: “I think this is in accordance with the National Security Law because Article 10 requires all the schools including universities to promote national security education in their schools.”


He added that he believes the higher education institutions are adopting their own approaches in this cause.


“Our requirement is for all these educational institutions to follow the Hong Kong National Security Law, the requirements under the Article 10.”


When asked about a teacher’s comment concerning an athlete’s attire during an Olympic competition, Mr Yeung stressed that the whole community should support the Hong Kong team in the Tokyo Olympic Games.


“So far I think the relevant persons have already made a clarification about what has happened. We have to make comments based on what has actually happened and factual information.


“And for individual complaint cases against the teachers, of course when we receive them, we will handle them according to our usual practice.”

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