5 arrested for seditious publications

July 22, 2021

Police's National Security Department today arrested five members of the General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists for conspiring to publish seditious publications.


Two men and three women aged between 25 and 28 were arrested. They include the union’s chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer.


Police have frozen $160,000 of the union’s assets. More arrests have not been ruled out.


The department's Senior Superintendent Li Kwai-wah said at a press conference today that the union published three story books between June 2020 and March this year.


He noted that the backgrounds of the stories are similar to incidents that happened in 2019 over the anti-extradition bill movement, the case of the 12 fugitives as well as the healthcare workers’ strike in 2020.


Mr Li pointed out that the story books oversimplified political issues which are difficult for children to understand, glorified the unlawful acts and rationalised the strike.


“The focus of our operation today is to target the publishing of these seditious publications involving bringing hatred against the Government, the administration of justice and also inciting other people to (commit) violence.”


He added that the union intended to hold another reading class this Saturday.


"So we had a very big discussion. We think that we have to stop them because we do not (want) this kind of thing to harm our next generation anymore.”

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