National security plays a key role: CS

July 17, 2021

National security is key to protecting Hong Kong's business environment, Chief Secretary John Lee said today in response to the US Government's latest actions against Hong Kong.


In his statement, Mr Lee said it is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's constitutional responsibility to safeguard national security, adding that the National Security Law has played a key role in the past year since its promulgation and implementation.


Hong Kong's stability has been restored and the national security risk has been placed under control, which are developments conducive to maintaining a favourable environment for investment and conducting business, thus enabling a speedy economic recovery and fostering of Hong Kong's prosperity.


The US Government's unfounded allegations and the publicity stunt against Hong Kong's business environment were clear attempts to create troubles and intimidate investors, Mr Lee noted.


The Chief Secretary also pointed out that the National Security Law underpins the high degree of autonomy of the Hong Kong SAR, and clearly stipulates that the Hong Kong SAR shall protect the rights and freedoms enjoyed by residents under the Basic Law and the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights as applied to Hong Kong in accordance with the law.


He stressed that the US again recklessly adopted measures as so-called sanctions and a business advisory to smear and maliciously attack China and the Hong Kong SAR, using the protection of human rights as an excuse and completely ignoring the fact that the stability of Hong Kong's community and business environment has been restored.


Noting that the US is undermining its own credibility again and will end up reaping the consequences, Mr Lee said the bullying acts by the US once again illustrated that it is absolutely necessary and appropriate for Hong Kong to take resolute actions to safeguard national security.


He emphasised that the Hong Kong SAR Government will deepen the implementation of the National Security Law, continue to consolidate its impact and protect the nation as well as the city.

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