3 principal officials appointed

June 25, 2021

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The Central People's Government (CPG), on the nomination and recommendation by Chief Executive Carrie Lam, today approved the appointment of three principal officials.


They are Chief Secretary John Lee, Secretary for Security Tang Ping-keung and Commissioner of Police Siu Chak-yee.


The CPG also approved the removal of Matthew Cheung from the post of Chief Secretary, Mr Lee from the post of Secretary for Security and Mr Tang from the post of Commissioner of Police.


On the new appointments, Mrs Lam said the three officials have had distinguished performance in the Government over the years and possess proven leadership skills.


She added that they are the most suitable candidates for the posts while responding to questions at a media session this morning.


"At the politically appointed officials' level, one is looking for leadership, vision, diligence and also a commitment to serve the community of Hong Kong.


"Of course, people who have extensive experience in a diversity of areas may be helpful, but I do not think that is a prerequisite. So the mere fact that a particular candidate does not have that full range of experience is not one of the most important factors.


"But to be fair to John Lee, he has been in the Government for almost four decades. And the Security Bureau is perhaps one of the biggest bureaus in terms of significance and the number of civil servants under its supervision.


"So one could not say that as the Secretary for Security for many years, his experience is limited to the police background or limited to law enforcement."


The Chief Executive also said she is confident that the newly appointed officials would rise to the challenges in serving the community.


"For people with commitment, integrity, leadership and a spirit to serve the nation and Hong Kong, in whichever position we are put in, we will put in our best to discharge our function in that particular position.


"I have no doubt whatsoever that the three colleagues that are joining the team in their new positions will serve Hong Kong in the spirit that I have just mentioned."


On Mr Cheung's departure, Mrs Lam noted that he had served Hong Kong and the Government with integrity and dedication for almost five decades. She extended her heartfelt appreciation to him for his valuable contribution to the city.


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