Police action based on security law

June 22, 2021

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said Police's enforcement action against Apple Daily was targeted at offences under the National Security Law and not aimed at suppressing the media.


Mrs Lam made the remarks at a media session ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning.


She noted that the police operation was targeted at illegal acts suspected of endangering national security that are clearly stipulated in the law and had nothing do to with normal journalistic work.


“I can only say what is breaching the law based on the advice from my enforcement authorities as well as the Department of Justice, what activities or acts will be suspected of breaching the laws of Hong Kong, including the National Security Law. And the law is very well defined.


“This piece of the National Security Law has embraced all the important legal concepts in every piece of legislation. There is presumption of innocence before trial. There are very clear offences to be raised. And the four types of offences endangering national security are also well defined.


“So journalists should be in a position to judge whether one is breaching the law.”


The Chief Executive also rejected accusations that the Government is attacking press freedom.


"What we are talking about is not exchanging views between foreigners and journalists. It is violating the law, as defined in the National Security Law and based on very clear evidence, which will bring the case to court.


"So do not try to underplay the significance of breaching the National Security Law, and do not try to accuse the Hong Kong authorities for using the National Security Law as a tool to suppress the media or to stifle the freedom of expression.”

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