Social distancing rules maintained

May 26, 2021

The Government today announced that social distancing measures currently in place will be extended until June 9.


The requirements and restrictions applicable to catering businesses and scheduled premises, as well as the requirements for group gatherings and mask wearing will be maintained.


Noting that the recent number of COVID-19 confirmed cases has stayed at a low level, the Food & Health Bureau pointed out that any relaxation of social distancing measures may lead to a rebound in the epidemic situation according to past experience.


As the current vaccination rate in Hong Kong is still far below the level that can achieve herd immunity, a barrier for protection cannot be built if a new wave of the epidemic arrives.


To guard against a rebound of the epidemic situation, the bureau decided to maintain the existing social distancing measures.


It added that the Government is considering the next phase of the gradual return to normality under the new direction in fighting the epidemic, taking into account the need for further incentives to encourage vaccination.

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