Vaccination programme to expand

May 25, 2021

The Government announced today that the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme will cover Mainland residents who are holders of the Exit-entry Permit and will stay in Hong Kong for a period of time.


It is also preparing for vaccination of non-refoulement claimants and refugees recognised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Hong Kong.


The plan was devised based on public health considerations, the Government said.


There are currently over 40,000 Mainland residents holding the permit who are allowed to stay in Hong Kong as visitors. Most of them have an exit endorsement for visiting relatives in the city.


Owing to the COVID-19 epidemic and quarantine measures, they may have to continue their stay in Hong Kong because of special reasons such as taking care of unsupported or sick family members. They generally live together with Hong Kong residents who are eligible for vaccination.


From a public health perspective, providing COVID-19 vaccination to them will not only protect them from infection, but also prevent the virus from spreading, hence enhancing Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic capability, the Government explained.


From May 28, Exit-entry Permit holders who are allowed to stay in Hong Kong as visitors and can complete two doses of COVID-19 vaccination within their limit of stay without extension can seek assistance from a post office to make appointments in the community vaccination centres.


They must present their Exit-entry Permits and landing slips or extension of stay labels issued by the Immigration Department when making the bookings.


The Government is also preparing to provide vaccination to about 13,000 non-refoulement claimants and UNHCR-recognised refugees in Hong Kong. A survey through the International Social Service Hong Kong Branch is underway to assess their intention of getting vaccinated.


Vaccination is expected to start from July at designated community vaccination centres where an interpretation service will be available.


For other travellers who continue to stay in Hong Kong owing to the epidemic, the Government will announce the vaccination arrangement in due course.


In general, visitors must leave Hong Kong before their limit of stay expires. If there is a special or urgent need to stay longer, visitors may apply for an extension within seven days before their limit of stay expires.


Such applications will be considered on individual merits, but those made solely for the purpose of getting a vaccination will not be considered, the Government added.

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