FSD backs national security day

April 15, 2021
Training showcase
Training showcase:

Fire and ambulance personnel perform a Chinese-style march for the public for the first time.

In support of National Security Education Day today, the Fire Services Department held an open day at the Fire & Ambulance Services Academy in Tseung Kwan O to introduce its training facilities through a guided tour.


The event aimed to enhance the public's understanding of the work of fire and ambulance personnel as well as their efforts in safeguarding national security.


To strengthen the public's emergency preparedness, the three basic skills of emergency preparedness were promoted through demonstrations of the use of a fire extinguisher, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and an emergency evacuation experience.


Simulated training facilities such as the simulated Pak Shing Kok railway station and the Fire & Ambulance Services Education Centre & Museum were also open to the public.


Personnel also performed a Chinese-style march for the public for the first time.


Director of Fire Services Joseph Leung pointed out that in terms of safeguarding security in Hong Kong, the department's responsibilities include conducting risk assessments for possible large-scale incidents, strategically and flexibly deploying resources for firefighting and rescue operations, and handling incidents involving hazardous materials.


Its responsibilities also include promoting emergency preparedness education through social media and clarifying false information, as well as striving to prevent dangerous goods from being used to endanger national security by combating illegal activities and initiating prosecution.


Mr Leung noted that the department has always fully supported the Government in implementing the National Security Law.


Led by the Security Bureau, the department will work with other disciplinary forces to fulfil resolutely the responsibility of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, so that the safety of Hong Kong citizens can be better protected, he added.

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