Online flower show to launch

March 18, 2021

The Online Hong Kong Flower Show 2021, which will be held from March 19 to April 19, will showcase garden plots of exquisite floral designs.


With City of Flowers, City of Love as its theme and the rhododendron as its theme flower, the show will feature a 3D virtual tour that guides people on a 360-degree journey of 20 garden plots with thematic floral displays at designated parks across the city.


The garden plots are of distinctive designs, including Chinese pavilions, Japanese gardens, Thai decorations and Western-style gardens.


Among them, the theme flower display at Kowloon Park covers a variety of rhododendrons, together with an attractive and spectacular mosaiculture display comprising seven pieces of rhododendrons, each over 1.5m in height. The wonderful mosaic is made up of more than 7,000 mokara and dendrobium.


A tulip display with 15,000 colourful flowers has also been set up at the Central & Western District Promenade (Central Section).


The show will also feature an animation that introduces the legend of the rhododendron, rhododendron blossoms in the city, demonstrations on flower planting, appreciation and photography tips, as well as the showcase of previous flower shows and theme flowers.


Meanwhile, the Science Museum will present a special exhibition, Exploring Flowers with Five Senses, from March 19.


Additionally, book displays on flowers and plants as well as children's stories inspired by flowers and springtime will be set up in the Hong Kong Central Library and City Hall Public Library. Readers may also learn more about flowers and plants by visiting the Hong Kong Public Libraries' website.

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