Jab scheme to cover more people

March 15, 2021

(To watch the full media session with sign language interpretation, click here.)


People aged 30 and above can make a booking online from tomorrow to receive COVID-19 vaccines as part of the Government’s efforts to expand the scope of the priority groups to allow more people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip made the statement today, noting that two more priority groups will be included in the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme as well.


The newly added groups are domestic helpers and students aged 16 or above studying outside Hong Kong.


Mr Nip said: “We noticed that there is still a capacity to handle more people. And there are people who do not belong to the priority groups but wish to be vaccinated early.


“So the present expansion of the priority groups to include those aged 30 and above, basically, is to allow more people who wish to be vaccinated to get the vaccine, and also to streamline the administrative arrangements.


“People need not provide proof of their occupations, their companies or the sectors that they belong to. They just need to show their identity documents, make the online booking and then get the jabs. So it will make the whole process smooth and more efficient.”


People in the expanded priority groups can make a reservation through the online booking system for receiving vaccines at community vaccination centres from 9am tomorrow or they can choose to get vaccinated at clinics of private doctors taking part in the vaccination programme.


“The most important thing is that we have the vaccination venues, we have the vaccine doses available, and we can make necessary arrangements so that those who wish to be vaccinated can get the vaccine,” Mr Nip added.

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