Helper visa service set

March 4, 2021

The Immigration Department announced that it will introduce the new Smart Renewal service tomorrow to provide greater convenience for people applying for foreign domestic helper employment visas.


Currently, those who submit a visa application are required to pay the visa fee and collect the helper's visa in person or through an authorised representative at the department's office upon approval of their applications.


The department said the new service will enable people who submit online applications for visas for further employment of foreign domestic helpers to pay the fee through various means after their applications have been approved and collect the visas by post.


After submitting the application through the department's dedicated webpage or its mobile application, helpers who continue to work for the same employer may pay the visa fee with the General Demand Note enclosed with the application result notification.


Payment can be made by various means, such as the Faster Payment System, Internet banking, the Payment by Phone Service, automatic teller machines, or in person at a post office or convenience store.


Upon the department's acknowledgement of receipt of the visa fee, the visa or extension of stay label will be mailed to the correspondence address provided by the employer and it should be properly affixed to the helper's passport as instructed.


Throughout the application process, the applicant or employer need not attend any of the department's offices to pay the visa fee or collect the visa label.


The application procedures as well as the arrangements for fee payment and collection of visa labels for other applications, such as entry visas, change of employer or visas for further employment of helpers submitted by other means, will remain unchanged.


Call 2824 6111, fax to 2877 7711 or send an email to [email protected] for enquiries.

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