10k vaccinated by private doctors

March 3, 2021

Around 10,000 citizens have received the Sinovac vaccine through private doctors as at 4pm, the Department of Health announced today.


The department explained that starting March 1, it has been distributing the first batch of the Sinovac vaccines to private doctors and clinics participating in the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.


The relevant private doctors and clinics began providing vaccination to the public from March 2.


So far about 1,350 private doctors have joined the vaccination programme.


The list of private doctors and clinics who have placed orders for the vaccines has been uploaded on the programme’s website and will be updated in a timely manner.


The department said the Government will strive to ensure private doctors are provided with sufficient vaccine doses to meet the public’s needs.


It also noted that it will co-ordinate the delivery of the vaccines and monitor the usage situation.

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