Get COVID-19 jabs early: CE

February 22, 2021

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today received her COVID-19 vaccination and called on Hong Kong people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


Mrs Lam, joined by secretaries of departments and directors of bureaus, received her jab at the community vaccination centre at the Central Library this afternoon.


Meeting the media afterwards, Mrs Lam explained that taking the lead in getting vaccinated is the Government’s way of kick-starting the city’s vaccination programme.


“I’m extremely pleased that I and my principal officials have come to this community vaccination centre to receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.


“We are taking the Sinovac vaccine today - which was developed and manufactured in the Mainland - because this is the first vaccine that arrived in Hong Kong last Friday, with a total one million doses. This act of us receiving the jabs kick-starts a very important vaccination programme in Hong Kong.


“We are very determined and very committed to rolling out a free and universal vaccination programme for the people of Hong Kong so that we could get ourselves out of this epidemic as soon as possible.


“So I would appeal to all residents in Hong Kong, when your turn comes, please register on the Internet and come forward to receive your jab as soon as possible.”


The Chief Executive stressed that it will take the full co-operation of society to make the vaccination programme work.


“We have enough vaccines procured. We would do all we could to make it easier for residents to receive the vaccination. But at the end of the day, this job, like all the other efforts we had made in the past year, requires the full collaboration of the people of Hong Kong.


“So protect yourself, protect your family and your loved ones and help Hong Kong’s society to recover as soon as possible, please come forward to receive the vaccination.” 


Mrs Lam also reiterated that the Government will ensure the vaccines’ safety, efficacy and quality.


“I need to assure everyone, especially given that we are on the first day of kick-starting this vaccination programme, I have to assure every Hong Kong citizen that the Government is very serious about the safety, efficacy and quality of vaccines. We would only use vaccines which meet those high standards before we put it into the Government’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.”

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