Use of Sinovac vaccine authorised

February 18, 2021

The Secretary for Food & Health (SFH) today authorised the COVID-19 vaccine by Sinovac Biotech (Hong Kong) for emergency use in Hong Kong in accordance with the Prevention & Control of Disease (Use of Vaccines) Regulation.


The Advisory Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines had earlier submitted its recommendations to the SFH. It considered that under the current epidemic situation, the benefits of authorising the use of Sinovac's vaccine to protect against COVID-19 outweigh the risks.


Having regard to the advisory panel's advice and taking into account the threat to public health posed by the virus, the SFH considered that the authorisation is necessary and is in the public interest.


She has exercised powers conferred upon her under section 3 of the regulation to authorise the use of Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine in Hong Kong for a specified purpose.


To ensure that the relevant vaccine continues to fulfil the criteria of safety, efficacy and quality, the SFH has attached conditions to the authorisation, including requiring the applicant to execute a risk management programme, continue to provide the latest clinical data and laboratory analysis certificates for each batch of vaccines, as well as timely updates of quality reports.


The expert advice on vaccines given by the advisory panel has been uploaded to the Food & Health Bureau's website, the Government said.


According to the information provided by the vaccine supplier, the first batch of about one million doses of the Sinovac vaccine will be delivered to Hong Kong shortly.


The citywide vaccination programme led by the Government will be launched as soon as possible after the vaccine shipment is received and all necessary quality assurance procedures are completed.


The Government noted that it will actively follow up on the emergency use authorisation and supply schedule of the remaining vaccines already purchased and make arrangements for vaccine administration.


It will also continue to adhere to the vaccine procurement strategy and make advance purchases of vaccines which fulfil the criteria of safety, efficacy and quality, including those that are still under development, to ensure the availability of different types of vaccines for the city.


The Government added that its work in vaccine administration will be based on scientific evidence and adheres to the principles of openness and transparency to enhance the public's confidence in vaccines.

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